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About A.K Smith-Ford

The genesis of the AKcidental writer took place during 2015-2016 when he was conceiving an updated business plan for his music media company and reinvention of himself. During this time, he started to view the world from a different optic. An example of this was he volunteered as a guest lecturer at the organization W.I.B.O. The organization trains new entrepreneurs that are primarily female and minorities. His block of instruction was social media, marketing and promotion from a bootstrapping perspective.

The AKcidental writer is a product of technological disruption. He became a songwriter when attempting to motivate the recording artist/songwriter he worked with during a period when the artist had a creative roadblock. Those four songs were packaged and became a project named 4 Portraits in Feb. 2017 via his musical imprint Prohibition Entertainment. His first book Live Digital or Be Irrelevant came to life from the research and ideas from that business plan. None of these activities were planned. He is believing and betting on his self, which is the under lying message that the he wishes to convey. His second narrative ‘’The 2020’s, ‘’Billions will create/connect/consume from their pocket’’ will be premiered along with various other storytelling media during Winter 2020-21.

Transformative ideas such as “DYNAMIC STORYTELLING’’ and the 3 headed brands of Live Digital lifestyle will be introduced by the author. During this time, He will be launching his career as a consultant, speaker and Live stream host to share his thought stream. Stay Tuned.